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The Winery Team Challenge 

This program delivers a fun, competitive and uniquely memorable wine tasting team building experience perfect for the end of the day meetings. 

It’s also an ideal event before or after a terrific dinner.

Your team is greeted by our knowledgeable wine expert, giving participants a brief, interactive and fun introduction to wine, then leading the group in a white and red wine tasting.

After the tasting, groups are gathered into teams and each group becomes its very own winery. Teams are briefed about the interesting history of sangria, and then take part in an entertaining Sangria Trivia Contest before creating their own blends.

Their new found knowledge on wine and Sangria is put to the test as teams set off to concoct their own unique and delicious Sangria blend.

Teams receive awards in three categories: the Winner of the Sangria Trivia Contest, the Best Marketing Campaign and Best Tasting Sangria!

Duration:  2 hours - 2.5 hours depending on size of group.

Suits group size 15-50+

A Taste of Grapes 

This program creates a spirited and fun atmosphere, allowing people who work together to relax, see each other in a new light, and form some new relationships. The format is ideal for:

•Introducing new team members to each other

•Giving established teams a new challenge and build relationships

•Encouraging a spirit of competition in a relaxed environment

Please note – this is not a stuffy wine tasting!

Our focus is on people having a great time over some lovely wine. The competitive element is light-hearted, and does not require prior knowledge, so everyone can make a contribution, and has a chance to win.

A range of delicious wines will be tasted, and participants will pick up a lot of information as they enjoy themselves.

Duration: 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on size of group.

Suits group size 15-50+

The Blind Tasting Challenge

During the Blind Wine Tasting Team Building activity, learn to savor and discover wine like a professional!

This dynamic wine activity is an amazing experience for the 5 senses. Blind tasting appeals to our senses and strengthens our understanding.

With the help of an exclusive tasting placemat and a simplified structure you will compare two white wines and two red wines. You will learn the basics of wine and  how to taste like a pro. 

During this workshop, you will be invited to taste in teams and describe the mystery wine.  

The advantages of Blind Wine Tasting Team Building for your team

•Mobilize and tighten team spirit

•Get to know each other

•Improve communication within the team

•Demonstrate the importance of the contribution of each team member

•And have lots of fun!

Duration: 60 - 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on size of group.

Suits group size 20-200+

Wines will be available for ordering and 10% of the sales from the event will go to the charity of your choice.

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